hosted by the Rust Riders

After the bombs dropped in Atlanta, the region became known as Nukelanta. A coalition of Eastern Wasteland Tribes known as the Rust Riders are hosting a gathering there. They are sending out the couriers, the postmen and the transmissions to invite all the tribes of Atomic America to come party together at a Post apocalyptic Festival. Come join us for one amazing weekend!


Airsoft scenarios

Event bottle caps that are earned and used all event for stuff

GoKart Death Races with airsoft and fireworks

Dog Town Juggers and Gladiators with a fence arena

Axe and Saw Blade throwing at wooden targets

Bounty Hunting

Wasteland Workbench with free materials

Armor building competition

FM broadcast Ghoul Town Radio station live at the event

Rusty vehicles and barn to explore

Mad Max vehicle city ride around the venue roads

Casino with all kinds of fun prizes

Mad Max Car Show

Costume contests

Live music

DJ Dance parties

Wasteland Karaoke

Fire art performers


Scavenger hunt for wasteland goodies

Food Vendors

Wasteland Vendors


Distressing station

Nuka colas on ice

Themed tribe camps and tribe content

Indoor and outdoor areas

Professional photographers and portraits

Wasteland Immersion

Foam Fighting and nerf blastersHow to and discussion panels

Port o bathrooms, some electricity and water